Is my Tip Too Large? 5 Months Post Op. (photo)

I have heard it takes the tip (if you've had tip work done) to loose it's swelling. Is this true? It's been 5 months, I'm wondering how much more the swelling in the tip will reduce? I also feel the columella protrudes down when I smile. Is there any revision to fix this?

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Is my Tip Too Large? 5 Months Post Op.

Your tip does appear to be over-projected. With that said, it takes a full 12 months for the nose to heal. Few surgeons would consider revising a rhinoplasty before that time point either. It is possible that the projection will improve over the next 7 months but it is unlikely that you will see a dramatic change. With regard to the change in your columella it is difficult to assess exactly what is going on based on the photos provided. I would recommend returning to your surgeon and discussing your concerns. I hope this information is helpful. 

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Is my Tip Too Large? 5 Months Post Op.

           This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.   You may want a revision, but you should wait the full year to evaluate the tip.



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