Will my tip drop more than usual in the future now that I had a rhinoplasty?

No grafting was done. My tip was about 1 mm lifted and cartilage trimmed. It is barely noticable, which I'm so sad with. I'm worried that now since a bit of cartilage is missing in my nose, is my tip more keen to drop in the long future than how it would be without surgery? It seems like cartilage is support- and the more you cut it away the more nose may drop long term... Is this true?

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Drooping Tip After Rhinoplasty

Removing the cephalad border of lower lateral cartilage and removing a upper 1/3 portion of the caudal septum will cause the nasal tip to be more elevated. Swelling will also cause the elevation of the tip. Once the swelling resolves (one year), the final result can be seen and evaluated. 

Over decades of time, the nasal tip will continue to droop. Consult and trust your surgeon.

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