My Thermage treatment was stopped after the machine broke down.  Should I complete the treatment next week or wait six months?

I was having my lower face and jaw area treated with the CPT cool tip. The right side of my face was completed and 20-25 minutes had been spent on my left side.  The technician would like to completely redo my left side.  I am worried that my left side will be over treated if we resume Thermage next week.  I am equally worried that I will have uneven tightening between each side of my face if I wait 6 months.  I am a 35yr old female with slight laxity in the jaw area.
 Thank you

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Thermage and treatment results

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Thermage is a wonderful treatment to tighten the skin.  Please find out how many pulses were done before the machine broke down. Depending on how little or few we're performed I would recommend that you repeat the untreated side. For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in Thermage. 

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