My temporary porcelain tooth came off the post thats in the root of my gum can I glue it?

I have a temperary front tooth thats on a post and it came off is there something I can buy at a drug store to fix it until I see my denist it will be a week before I see him

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Self gluing not recommended

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It’s best to not attempt to glue it in on your own, as it could be swallowed or damage one of your other teeth. If you have your crown with you it will only take your dentist a few minutes to re-bond it for you. A good dentist will fit you into the schedule that same day. You may want to consider seeing someone else if you can’t get timely care where you’re at.

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My temporary porcelain tooth came off the post thats in the root of my gum can I glue it?

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Not sure whether you mean that your temporary came off of the post or the post and temporary came off together?

There are some temporary cements that you can get over the counter in many pharmacies.  You might try that.  Important to clean off any residual temporary cement on the tooth or the inside of the temporary.  Most importantly is that you are able to put it all the way back to the original place on your tooth.  If it "doesn't go down" (meaning, not completely back into place), they it will just come off again soon or possibly you will be biting on it harder than your other tooth, and that could actually break the temporary or underlying tooth.

As this is Thursday, and your dentist is open, would suggest you getting back to your dentist today.  It should be a quick and simple procedure for him to recement your crown back into place, and he will do a much better job than you.  Down side is if you break or ruin the temporary by waiting until next week, that he would have to make you a completely new temporary instead of just recementing the temporary, while waiting for your permanent crown to come back from the laboratory.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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