What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos)

What Would I Need to Do to Make my Teeth Straight and How Much Would It Cost? (Photos Included)

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Straight Natural Teeth are the Best Teeth!

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Hi, it has been proven over and over again:  the healthiest, longest lasting, best looking teeth are teeth that are straight and even.  They are easy to clean and easy to manage.  We are a big proponent of Invisalign or conventional braces as the first line of treatment.  Invisalign (clear braces) is our first choice always.  As seen by your pictures, your smile could take between 6 - 12 months to correct.  You can whiten while you straighten.  It is a great system, those clear braces.  If you must have immediate results, then porcelain veneers will cosmetically straighten your teeth.  This would be my second choice for you.  Find a good cosmetic dentist in your area who provides Invisalign therapy and ask to see pictures of their patients.  Make sure you like the office and the staff too.  This is an investment in yourself and you want to be comfortable at every step along the way. :)  Please remember that this second option will be more expensive and will not be the healthiest option for your teeth.  Enjoy your search!

Straighten your real teeth.

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I think keeping real teeth is a good plan.  From the photos it looks like you could use either invisalign, conventional or lingual braces.  I would consult with someone who does all of the above.  Some people prefer instant results and go the route of veneers, but I would sugggest you go with orthodontics, because your teeth are so pretty!

Straight teeth require braces

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The fee for braces varies widely from country to country, city to city and office to office.  The only way to know the cost is to ask the treating dentist their fee.



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