I got braces when I was 7 years old. My Teeth Have Shifted After Braces, Can I Fix Them Without the Use of Braces? (photo)

I got braces when I was 7 years old mainly to correct my bottom teeth. As a normal younger kid I didn't want to wear my retainers all the time so my teeth have shifted and I am wanting to get them fixed without having to have braces for another year or two because I want to be in the entertainment industry. I want them to be centered again (shift back) so they look symmetrical, the left side (from your pov) caves in making them look smaller than the other side.

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Invisalign-Symmetry Issues

Invisalign is a great choice for symmetry issues like this one. Is it that one side is too far in or one side too far out? Maybe a bit of both - the underlying question will be what is going on with your bottom teeth and bite to make it fixable and stable.

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