My Teeth Are Moving Even with my Retainer In?

I had braces for about 5 years and got them removed about 5 years ago. I wore my retainer faithfully but in the last 2 months the teeth began to move and the large gap in between my two front teeth that had been corrected is coming back. What can I do?

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Teeth Shifting

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It sounds like you may have a low Maxillary labial frenum, which is the muscle that attaches your lip to your gums.  The pulling force from this muscle can cause space between the front teeth to open.  If so I would recommend you go back to you orthodontist to tighten the retainer which can close the gap (if it is small enough).  Once the gap is closed I would then recommend having the orthodontist place a permanent retainer on the back of the two front teeth to prevent space from opening up again.  It is also recommended that you see a periodontist to have a frenectomy performed which will eliminate the pulling force from the muscle.

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