Do I Need to Get my Teeth Extracted for Invisialign?

I have an deep overbite and some mild crowding on my top and bottom teem. I decided to us Invisialign to correct both. My Ortha told me because I have a dental implant on one of my molars, it is not possible to move my teeth back. Because some of my teeth are a lot smaller than the others, extracting one of the upper teeth on both side could be the best approach. Does it make sense at all? Do I have other options?

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Bla, Bla, Bla same old garbage

Rather than listen to a non-specialist making general, unfounded claims made to scare people about the horrors of good orthodontics, consult with a specialist in orthodontics to help you decide what is best for your case.  A thorough diagnosis and treatment plan can help uncover the problems and best course of action.  And it very well might include extractions.  Extractions ARE essential in many cases, and not advised in others.  Making rash generalizations only go to confuse people.

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Teeth Extractions for Invisalign

I cannot comment on your particular case without seeing models, X-rays and photos, etc. However, in general, I do NOT approve of extracting teeth for orthodontics. Usually people then wind up with a narrow arch and other problems such as TMJ pain &/or snoring/sleep apnea/ breathing problems. Seek out another opinion from an orthodontist that will handle your case without extractions, if possible.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Taking teeth out for Invisalign

Always helpful to show your pictures so that we doctors can advise. Ortho is a very complicated affair.

Raj Kumar, BDS, LDSRCS
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