My Teeth Have Been Eroded and Appear Very Small. They Are Also Crowded at the Bottom. Best Fix?

My bottom teeth have been filed down (limited orth involving removing enamel between bottom teeth) and chipped appearing both short and narrow. Ive watched this happen over the past few years. I want to get braces to get them in an ideal position, and then some cosmetic restoration. Also, my bite is not symmetrical, as my molars on the left hit before the right. All i can do now is keep them healthy. But when i get the money, what options do I have to restore a healthy bite/smile?

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Crowded and eroded teeth

From your description it sounds that your teeth have multiple types of problems: space, shape, etc. Usually the problems of such a character are solved with the treatment plan discussed by the team of the restorative dentist and an orthodontist. The orthodontist should define what type of treatment can be performed o achieve additional space and make molars symmetric. After that restorative dentist can put aesthetic restorations for a pleasing result. 

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