How Much Should my Teeth Drift While my Invisalign Aligners Are Out?

I had my aligners off for 3 hours for public speaking and a dinner, and after putting the trays back on it was very painful and they fit worse than on the first day with this set (I'm 8 days into tray #12). It seems like a LOT of drift for just having them off for a few hours. Also, if I eat anything chewy or crunchy on a normal day, putting them back on is very painful. This makes me worry about what will happen the first day without aligners when treatment is done! Does this sound normal?

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Teeth moving while the Invisalign trays are out

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It’s normal for the tray to feel tight after you leave it out for few hours, but it shouldn’t not be tighter then the first time that you used it. Make sure that you are wearing it on average at least 20 hours a day and you should be fine.

New York Orthodontist

Teeth Drifting Without Invisalign Aligner

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When the aligners are out for a couple of hours, there should not be very much drift. Same with eating chewy foods. Have your dentist check to make sure your periodontal condition is healthy and stable, and that you have adequate bone support.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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