Since my teeth are so crowded and I have a few teeth out of place, could I still get invisalign? (photo)

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In looking at your photo, Invisalign would not be your first option.  Using a palatal expander, then metal braces would work better for your case and give you the best results.  However, if you are totally opposed to metal braces, Invisalign would work, but would require extractions, veneers, crowns, and a few root canals.  I have fixed smiles like yours in one appointment, but it would be about 5 times the cost of Invisalign treatment.  Good luck to you and I hope this helps. "Follow" me on Real Self to ask more questions of me.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
O'Fallon, IL and St. Louis, MO


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From the picture you posted, this would a very difficult case to treat with invisalign.  Not impossible but very difficult.  You would get better final results with traditional braces.  Might even be quicker also.

Jean D. Morency, DMD
Houston Dentist

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