Gap, Crocket, Can't Whiten, Want a Normal Smile, What Can I Do?(photo)

When I was a kid I had to take out a tooth and there wasnt ny tooth underneath so I eded up with a gap. Today the gap has been filled out as much as possible by building out my front tooth and the tooth next to it. the tooth has also grown crocket due to the gap and it looks really bad. I just want a normal nice smile, I cant withening my teeth either as I have build outs. Please help me, would you suggest braces to fill the gap or perhaps veneers could be a solution. Any suggestions.???

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See an Orthodontist

You need to address your bite and your jaw, which are functional issues first, before you even begin to worry about the cosmetic aspects of your teeth.  Because the improper alignment of your teeth, your jaw is out of place. This has got to  play a part in your bite being off.  If the functional issues are not handled  first by an orothodontist, you can have pain in your jaw and face, and possible  breakage of teeth.  Correct the bite and straighten the teeth first, then move on to the cosmetic part.

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Normal smile

I see that you have some tooth size discrepancy and bonding that makes your smile "irregular".  With a proper consultation and treatment planning, you will be able to shift the teeth to where they need to be and with any necessary restorations, you will have an ideal smile. the key is in the treatment plan and your orthodontist and your dentist working together.



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Smile for life....


Well, you have a foundation for a great smile.  We need to spend more time understanding you missing tooth isses and your bite relationships. It's possible to balance you current bite and then design a new smile using veneers which can improve any shape,color or other cosmetic issues that might concern you. Veneers don't age or darken over time so they will always look nice as time goes on.


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A thorough exam will help answer your questions.

It is diffiuclt to tell from your photos what is really going on with your teeth.  They show up really small online.  And since you are not biting all the way together, we can not see your bite - which is important.  It's even hard to tell which tooth is missing.  Perhaps the upper left lateral?  I would highly recommend going to visit an orthodontist to evaluate your entire situation.  Many give free consultations, so there is no risk.   Good luck.

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