My Tattoo Was Slightly Raised, is This Affecting the Laser Removal?

I've just had my 6th laser tattoo removal session and my Dr. has officially categorized it as "slow" fading. The tattoo is on the outside of my wrist which I thought made it slow due to the distance from my heart. I do see some areas fading, however some lettering had "raised ink", or looked like it scarred when I had the tattoo done. Is that affecting the rate of fading? Dr. says it might be the ink used. Otherwise, healing is great. No blistering. Just pinpoint bleeding.

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Raised Tattoo Removal

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If parts of your tattoo are raised it may be because the skin in those areas have more scarring, which can definitely affect how long it takes for a tattoo to fade. I recommend checking into the machine your doctor uses, as there are several different ones with the different capabilities. Some machines require the patient to be numbed beforehand, but have a stronger laser to remove a great spectrum of colors and depths. “Dr. D”

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