Can my Tattoo Be Removed? (photo)

My tattoo is 4 months old and has lots of white some yellow and red I'm worried these colours won't remove well. Can my skin ever look like it used to before the tattoo was done!? Thank you

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Laser tattoo removal

Hi Adhoc18!

There are several issues to consider that you should be aware of.

First, there are various colors within the tattoo, which may respond differently. For example, red and black inks are typically relatively easy to remove, whereas yellow may not come out at all. White can sometimes be problematic, depending on ink composition (titanium is one example). Having said that, yellow and white may be less noticeable, even if left behind.

Since this tattoo has quite a bit of ink, you will need multiple treatment sessions, typically at least 10, though the exact number of sessions is somewhat difficult to estimate. Keep that in mind when budgeting for the removal. Tattoos are also easier to remove when they are over a year old, as the body's natural response will have begun, with specialized cells (called macrophages) already trying to digest the pigment. This is why tattoos become less sharply defined over time.

Finally, while tattoo removal can be complete, a residuum (also known as "ghost" of a tattoo) can sometimes persist. In addition, while scarring from laser tattoo removal is rare, the actual process of tattooing can sometimes result in small scars, which may be camouflaged by ink until it is removed.

Arlington Dermatologic Surgeon

Can My Tattoo be Removed?

Hi Adhoc.  It looks like much of it can be removed.  The darker colors and the red will respond very well.  If the white is only within the stripes of the lighthose, then there's a good chance this will not be that visible when the process is complete.  We would need to see it up close to give you a better assessment, but it's possible that this would look quite complete after treatment.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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