Can my new tattoo be removed completely or will there be scarring leftover?

I recently got tattooed, I do like it however it never turned out exactly the way I had hoped and would like it to be removed. Its very dark, mostly black with purple and blue through it, its quite large with a small part of it that comes onto my collar bone. Im worried though that it wouldn't go away completely or leave scarring?

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Picosure to remove your tattoo

Your tattoo can be permanently removed with the new Picosure Laser. This will remove your tattoo without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. It is best to consult with your doctor to find out more about the procedure.

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Can my tattoo be removed completely and will there be scarring?

There are 40 millions tattoos in US and 20% has tattoo regret so you are among the 8 million who wish to have their tattoo removed.
Fortunately in the last year CynoSure company came up with a new tattoo removal laser - The Picosure. This is the first trillionth of a sec laser that has a pressure wave technology that can shatter the tattoo ink into millions of tiny particles. Afterwards the ink is easily absorbed and removed from the body making the treatment faster and safer. This Picosure laser can erase the tattoo in 3-4 treatments compared with the old technology Q switch laser which needs 8-12 + treatments.
The Picosure Laser is more precise and results in less scaring.
The treatment can be painful, but this can be decreased with triple numbing anesthetics, ice and Zimmer cooling. At Honolulu MedSpa we make the tattoo removal pain free with local anesthetic if needed. The technique is also very important. I use a very small needle - 30G. I apply triple anesthetic cream and ice at the site of injection so the injection is pain free. I then inject slowly making sure the area is numb before advancing the needle making the whole injection pain free and takes me just about 2 minutes. Therefore the PicoSure treatment is completely pain free.
Please do your research for a PicoSure laser in your area and you may want to request that the treatment be pain free.
Good Luck,
Dr. Yeo

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