My Tattoo Does Not Fade?

I had it done some 2 months ago... So it is fresh and black on my upper back and size is kind a 5x5 cm. So i went to laser threatment 1 month ago and i had my first threatment. Some days it was lighter but then it kinda went back to its right color. Few days ago i had my second threatment and it did same effect. It showd massive breakup and lighter areas and then it went back to its right color, wich is black. I go there 10 times, i payd for it, but what can be a problem? or is it normal?

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Tattoo removal and persistence of pigment

Q-switched tattoo removal lasers work by breaking apart the ink particles and relying on your body's own scavenger cells called macrophages to metabolize the remnants and this in vivo process takes time. The more dense ink particles, typically applied by professional tattoo artists can take 10-20 treatments 6 weeks apart to achieve significant fading. It may take at least a few tattoo laser removal sessions before you would start to notice a clinical difference. We have achieved significantly quicker tattoo removal by performing fractional co2 laser immediately before Q-switched Nd:Yag Spectra laser.

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