Which laser would give me the best results are would be best for my tattoo? (photo)

Which laser would give me the best results are would be best for my tattoo...the r20 method...the picosure..or the azante durality q switched laser? Im looking looking forward to trying to get this tattoo removed in feburary and im just looking for the best method for me. Also how long with this take to be removed since its fairly new a year or two years?

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Best laser for tattoo removal

The best tattoo removal laser for you is the laser which will give you the most effective clearance in the least amount of time with low risk of complications and for a reasonable cost.

The R-20 method is a technique which was published in a small study (12 pts ) where the patients tattoos were treated multiple times (up to 4 times) in a single visit waiting approximately 30 minutes between treatments.  There may be some efficacy to this form of therapy but it is not clear at this point and most patients say there is significantly more discomfort given that the skin is treated consecutively without the typical time allotted for healing (6-8 weeks).  This is also not necessarily more cost effective because most providers charge for each individual treatment which can make each visit costly when treated multiple times.  I do not currently use this method of treatment for laser tattoo removal.

The picosure is a single wavelength axelandrite (755 nm) tattoo removal laser which works well for most colors but is extremely limited in its ability to effectively clear red ink within tattoos.  This laser is the most expensive tattoo laser on the market and the treatment costs typically reflect this premium.

The Astanza duality is a Q-switched Nd:YAG with 1064 nm wavelength as well as 532 nm wavelength which allows for excellent clearance of the vast majority of tattoos.  I currently use the Astanza Trinity which is the duality with the additional of a ruby, 694 nm wavelength laser, to obtain the most versatility, safety and optimum outcomes for all tattoos.  My patients have been very pleased with the results obtained.

The length of time necessary for ink clearance will depend on the character and quality of ink, skin type, tattoo location and your overall health.  A good estimate for your tattoo would be 5-10 treatments if performed with a quality laser by an experienced practitioner.  

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