Will my Swelling Subside Further? (photo)

I just blepharoplasty revision, epicanthoplasty and ptosis done last month and today is day 19 after the surgery. Just want to ask, will the swelling subside even further? Because I really like the thickness of the crease now and secretly hope that it will just stay this way. And also, if I try to minimize pulling my upper eyelids (such as putting on contact lens, rubbing my eyes), will it help to maintain the crease of my eyes better?

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Will my Swelling Subside Further?

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It takes time for the swelling to subside especially after revision surgery. You will need several weeks to several months before you see your final result. From your photograph, your lids look swollen and it is my guess that they will not remain like that. Not manipulating your eyelids is a good idea.

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