Is my swelling normal and will it go away? (photo)

Hey! I had my surgery done on December 12, 2013 so I am now 3 weeks post op, I was expecting a flatter result, will this swelling go down or will I forever have this pudge? I wear my compression suit 24/7 like I'm suppose to.

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You ARE swollen at 3 weeks post-op!

Your swelling will continue to diminish over the next 6-12 weeks; final results will not be completely achieved until 6-12 months, and are of course contingent upon your not gaining weight during that time.

Compression is good, though not all PS utilize it and they achieve good results too. I personally find that at this time some sort of compression like Spanx or other brand body shapers will help your lymphatic swelling to resolve most rapidly, and I also have my tummy tuck patients see our massage therapist for 6 complimentary sessions to help stimulate more rapid absorption of swelling. Not necessary, just helpful!

Relax; your result looks fine for 3 weeks post-op. Completely "flat" may not be in the cards for each and every patient, dependent upon the intra-abdominal contents pushing out despite muscle repair. To avoid damaging your excellent outcome thus far, don't over eat, now or in the next year, and don't resume exercise too soon--follow your surgeon's recommendations! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Had TT 3 weeks ago, is my swelling normal and will it go away?

Congratulations on your surgery!  Try to keep in mind that you are only 3 weeks out from a tummy tuck procedure and you look like you are right on track.  Swelling will most likely continue to subside over the next few months so try to be patient and continue to follow your surgeons post-op instructions.  ac

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Is my swelling normal and will it go away? (photo)

Not sure if swelling or just the thickness of your flap and tissue. Would have been better for you to have lost 20 pounds before surgery..

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Abdominoplasty Swelling. Is It Normal?

  Dear KayceLynne, At 3 weeks it is very common to experience swelling. All of your excess skin is now removed and you look good at this point. You should continue to see improvements over the next 8-12 weeks. Please be patient and good luck. Dr. Gervais.

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Is my swelling after abdominoplasty normal?

For 3 weeks you look like you have a nice early  result. Swelling at this point is absolutely normal, and will greatly improve over time.  I have seen improvement occur for at least 3 months.  With exercises you can improve muscle tone, and get more improvement, but you should not start those until your surgeon gives you the go ahead...usually about 2 months.

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