Is my Swelling Going to Go Away?

I had total FX treatment to my face and neck to give me the look of fresh new skin as well as tighten the skin around my eyes, neck and jowls. I am now post day 5 and have the fresh new skin, but the swelling around my eyes, neck and jowls makes me look worse then when I started. Is it normal to have swelling this long when everything else has pretty much healed? I am very scared that this is going to be the new me and the swelling is here to stay.

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Good Treatment

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Sounds like you have had a good treatment.  The peeling and new skin look usually shows around 4-5 days, but swelling usually takes longer a week or two.  If the progression is towards a positive result contact the treating Physician for their evaluation & reassurance.  I tell my patients (& this is true) the best results are obtained usually when it takes some patience.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Active FX and Swelling

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Thank you for your question. Swelling can be present for 1-2 weeks and is quite normal.  If you have no redness or swelling, you had a treatment so mild there will be likely little to no improvement. No reasons to be scared. Just follow up with your Dr. as scheduled and you will recover just fine. I hope this helps!

Active FX Laser healing

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Some swelling after surgery after Active FX surgery is common. It usually lasts somewhat longer then it takes for the skin to heal. Swelling is more prolonged if there have been local anesthesia injections in the face. In my practice I try to use oral sedation (Xanax and Vicodin) along with a topical numbing cream that takes the pain away. Occasionally the patients need some injections and they always have more prolonged swelling. Most of the swelling should be gone in three weeks or less but a small amount may stay longer. Be comfortable that you will see a good result since this laser really does a good job.

Swelling always goes away

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Swelling from facial treatments of all kinds always looks scary, but it is not dangerous per se and always resolves. Some people swell more easily than others even when the exact same treatment is done and some areas swell more easily. For anatomical reasons swelling is always more visible around the eyes and at the jawline because of gravity . But don't be worried it will gradually go away.

Richard Fitzpatrick, MD (in memoriam)
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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