Could My Sutures Have Cheese Wired or Popped?

I am 3 months post op from a full TT and have a bulge on my upper right side which looks uneven from my left side. It's also pulled my b.button off centered. I was dropped on my back 8 days after surgery at the hospital and now I'm left with this. My surgeon keeps saying its just swelling but I felt it rip apart! How can I have this fixed? I'm on so much pain I can't hardly do anything.

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Could My Sutures Have Popped? 3 Months post #tummytuck. ANS:

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Give it a good 6 months from the time of surgery and then evaluate but it sounds like you may need corrective surgery to re-tighten your tummy. I have had to do this on very rare occasions and it does work...but it is a hassle, no doubt about it.....

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