What Are my Non-Surgical Options for Buttock/lateral Thigh Sculpting with Metal Rod and Pins in Hip and Femur? (photo)

Hello, I am 37 years old and have disproportionate fat distribution on my buttocks and lateral thighs(my measurements are 28,24,37). I have had 2 Zeltiq sessions with no visible/ measureable results.I have a metal rod in my left femur, and pin in my left hip,which, I believe are contraindications for Thermage and similar techniques. I cannot have surgery, due to an extreme sensitivity to "caines"(even without added epinephrine)--low blood pressure,sugar,weakness. What is out there for me?

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Liposuction and allergies to anesthetic

When there is a history of allergy to caines it is important to know that Lidocaine (Xylocaine) is not the same as Novocaine. The Esther group of local anestheics including Novocaine are known to have created allergic reactions in some patients whereas Lidocaine and the others in the Amide group of anesthetics are rare to cause such reactions. Patients may see an allergist in consultation to determine if testing is appropriate. Some patients do develop better results from CoolSculpting after three treatments.  The Zeltiq company may market a new applicator that is more flexible and may be available shortly and they might be appropriate for more certain areas.

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Limited options

I would suggest you discuss your options with a plastic surgeon. Coolsculpting is an excellent alternative to surgical intervention but given no response after 2 treatments then you are unlikely to respond. Unfortunately you cannot do Exilis since you have metal rods.

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