What are my surgical options to correct my prominent epicanthal folds? (photo)

I have seen several ophthalmologist regarding the appearance of my eyes and have been told that I have prominent epicanthal folds which gives my eyes a lazy-eyed appearance. It has bothered me my entire life and would like to learn more about surgical options, cost and any risks involved.

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Correct epicanthal fold

  • You can have surgery to correct the epicanthal fold,
  • If so, be prepared for the risk (about 1 in 5 operations), of a visible, even unsightly scar that cannot be removed.
  • If you have surgery, it should be done under magnification - at times, the visibility of the scar is because minute details of the fold were overlooked. See a Board Certified Plastic or Oculuoplastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

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Epicanthoplasty is the surgery.

This will reduce the fold.  However the risk is an unacceptable visible scar in the inner corners of the eyelid.  For many the surgery heals just fine.  However, even in the very best hands, there is a substantial (20%) risk that the scar will heal in a way that is visually bothersome.  For many people this risk is worth taking.  For others, they would rather live with the epicanthal fold than take this risk.  You will have to make a personal decision regarding this.

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