I Had My Surgery One Week Ago and I Feel Exhausted? (photo)

I had surgery One week ago and im not hurting as much but i feel exhausted is it normal ?? Also im really concern about My boob size and they gonna end up being a good size. I started With a 32a and now i havent messasured myself .. But here is a pic plz any idea if ill b a c o d size

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One Week Post Op

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At this point, being one week post op it is normal to feel tired. Your body is healing from surgery and needs time to recover. As far as your implant size, it is hard to tell only one week in. There is still a lot of swelling and your implants need time to drop to their normal resting place on your chest.

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Patients may feel lethargy for a week or so after breast augmentation.

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Breast augmentation is a physiologically significant procedure. The body will spend a good deal of energy healing the operative site. Often times patients complain of the lack of energy and possibly even depression. This is self-limited and will pass in a few weeks.


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Surgery takes more out of us than we expect, so feeling exhausted at one week is not unusual. 

Since there are no fixed definitions of cup size, no one can answer this question with certainty, even if this were your final result. I have patients who can wear bras that fit that are of 3 different cup sizes. You don't mention when your surgery was. If recent, the final outcome may appear larger than it does now as the implants settle and fill out the lower breast more, the upper breast less. I would be expect this to wind up as a C or D. cup. All the best.

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One Week Post Surgery after Breast Augmentation

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   At one week after breast augmentation, exhaustion is not an abnormal feeling.  One week after breast augmentation your implants are high and your muscle is in spasm, at least they appear to be from the pictures.  The apparent size of the breasts will change once the implants drop.  In general, 200 cc will increase bra size by one cup.  So 450 cc implants should take an A cup to at least a C cup for a smaller individual.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

I Had My Surgery One Week Ago and I Feel Exhausted?

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This issue of post operative exhaustion needs immediate attention from your SURGEON! Most likely nothing but could be a serious medical/pulmonary issue. Seek immediate care. 

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