My Surgeon Has Sciatica is in a Wheelchair?

Hello, I am due to have breast reduction surgery next week..however when I went for my pre op my surgeon was in a wheel chair due to sciatica..he told me that this will not affect my surgery...advice please, does this sound realistic that he can perform as normal from a wheelchair?..or should I reschedule ?

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This may be very unfair to your surgeon, but if it were my daughter, I would cancel the surgery until surgeon is OK or I would go elsewhere.


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Surgeon with back pain

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Tough decision for you, but never have an operation done if you have any doubt in your mind.  I certainly understand your dilemma, but it's your body.  If you are not comfortable with the situation, don't have the surgery.

Performing a breast reduction from a wheelchair?

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Being limited to a wheelchair due to sciatica ... especially a plastic surgeon, indicates a significant problem. How likely is it that he will be fully functional in one week ready to perform your surgery without restraints? You need to find this out.

You have two prudent options: have him perform the procedure when the sciatica resolves (how long will this be?; how inconvenient is it for you to have no specific time frame for the surgery?) or seek another plastic surgeon. Personally, I don't believe that a breast reduction can be performed well and expediently from a wheelchair - there are just too many limitations and compromises.

Doing surgery when both you and the surgeon are ready

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Thank you for sharing your question. It's a situation that occasionally will come up since surgeons are human and subject to ills and injuries just like everyone else. The key is open and honest communication. Ask your surgeon if he is in his "operating" shape or condition. If you are still concerned then consider delaying the surgery until you are comfortable that both you and the surgeon are ready.

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Disabled Surgeon?

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I can understand your concern given that your surgery is coming up soon.  Although I cannot provide you with precise advice, not knowing the specifics of the plastic surgeon's situation, some general thoughts may be helpful to you.

Given that you are about to undergo elective surgery, it would be in your best interest to make sure that everyone/everything related to your procedure is as “optimal” as possible. If your surgeon has a disability and/or is on medication that may interfere with his/her ability to perform optimally, you should postpone the procedure.  I think it is reasonable for you to ask him/her this question;  ultimately,  you will need to use your gut feeling as to whether or not to proceed.

 I hope this helps.

Breast Reduction Surgery From a Wheelchair

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     The plastic surgeon may be more comfortable in the wheelchair for the present time.  Just ask the surgeon if you are uncomfortable.

Doing surgery while in a Wheelchair?

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Hello,  Sciatica, is caused by a compression of sciatic nerve, and cause pain and numbness of the leg, patients usually can perform duties being stand.  Share this concern with your PS.

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Wheelchair bound palstic surgeona nd breast reduction

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Usually sciatica is a temporary condition and gets better with rest.  Assuming he will be out of the wheelchair it would be OK.  If he is still in a wheelchair around the time of your surgery, then it should be postponed.

Disabled plastic surgeon

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Plastic Surgeons are people too and subject to the same medical problems as every one else.  Just like Clint Eastwood said, a man's got to know his limitations.  There is no way to perform a breast reduction while restricted to a wheelchair and I would doubt that your surgeon would attempt this.  If you have concerns then ask, you are having a surgery that has life time consequences and you want your entire surgical team to be at their best.  I know that if I am ill then I would cancel the procedure before I put a patient at risk.  It may be inconvenient for all involved but ultimately it is good medical practice. 

Surgeon in Wheelchair Before Surgrey

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Since it is very unlikely that a surgeon could do a breast reduction properly while in a wheelchair, I would ask the surgeon directly as to what his plans are. Sciatic is a pain or numbness of the leg so perhaps he was just resting his leg for a short time.

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