My Surgeon is Putting Me on a 7 Day Liquid Diet Prior to Getting my Tummy Tuck /breast Lift and Im Not over Weight Why? (photo)

5'6 147 pounds

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Liquid diet is likely to clear the bowel, avoid constipation

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Constipation can occur after a tummy tuck and we ask that our patients take a laxative two days prior to the surgery.  Being on a liquid diet likely achieves similar results.  The idea is to keep you from getting constipated and bloated after your tummy tuck.  

We started our protocol after one of our tummy tuck patients became so bloated we were worried she had a bowel obstruction.  She did not.  She was just bloated and hypersensitive to the pain meds (which cause constipation)

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My Surgeon is Putting Me on a 7 Day Liquid Diet Prior to Getting my Tummy Tuck /breast Lift and Im Not over Weight Why? (p

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Some surgeons want a cleansed intestinal tract prior to surgery. Best to discuss with your chosen surgeon for exact response. 

Preoperative Liquid Diet prior to Mommy Makeover Surgery?

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This is not part of my practice;  therefore I can only speculate as to why your plastic surgeon is making these recommendations. Best to run this question by him/her to receive an answer that does not involve speculation…

 Best wishes with your upcoming procedures.

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Risk and complications

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This indication must be to avoid any complications as is Pulmonary embolism. It is well known yhta constipation is very common after a Tummy Tuck and constipation is related to PE because the compression it may cause over the Cava vein, which is the largest vein on out body and goes directly to the lungs. Also it will help to prevent the horrible feeling and discomfort. In my opinion you should follow instructions. Have a great journey Dr. Cardenas

Cleaning the G.I. tract before abdominoplasty may prevent postoperative gas pains.

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The narcotics administered for pain relief during and after in abdominoplasty can constipated patient generating unpleasant gas pains if the colon is full of material.

Liquid diet prior to tummy tuck

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Whilst this practice is not part of my routine practice the idea is reasonable to prevent the degree of discomfort after your surgery if you develop constipation that can occur with opiate based painkillers that are often used after surgery. Good luck

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