My Surgeon Confirm Bottoming out. Revision After 4 Months is That Safe?

He said we should do it now before pocket (tissue) start closing because this way surgery will be less complicated .

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Bottoming out. Revision After 4 Months is That Safe?

This type of revision can be carried out at any time. It is not likely to improve on its own, so waiting for that to happen is pointless. 

Best wishes for an uneventful recovery. 

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Revision Breast Augmentation at 4 months

It sounds like your surgeon wants to perform a site change to move your implants from a subglandular position to a submuscular position. Regardless of the timing of surgery, if your implants are subglandular, this pocket will have to be closed so that the implant doesn't just pop out from the submuscular pocket back into its original subglandular pocket. If this occurs, you will go back to having the same problem. Another solution, which in some cases is simpler is to repair the infra-mammary fold with capsulorrhaphy sutures. This repair can be reinforced with or without an ADM or acellular dermal matrix.

Thanks for your question. Best of luck!

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Bottoming out

If you have bottomed out and it has been about 4 months since your previous surgery, then you can probably fix it at almost anytime.  

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Bottoming out can be repaired at any point


Thank you for the question.  I suspected your plastic surgeon is referring to the pocket under the muscle.  If the implant is bottomed out (too low on the chest) it will be occupying less of the pocket under the muscle and then the muscle tends to heal back down partially to the chest.  Safety is not really a consideration for the timing of repair as much as the logistic of the patients schedule for recovery etc.

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Dr Remus Repta

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Implants are bottoming out and revision in 4 months

Healing is generally not complete for afull 6-9 months. However every situation is different. Your plastic surgeon should be able to advise you on what is best for you.

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Every practice is different. Without knowing your history it’s hard to give you adequate advice. If your surgeon feels safe doing the revision, then you should feel comfortable.  


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