What Do I Need to Ask my Surgeon Before my Exchange Surgery?

I had a double mast, I have expanders in now. I have a consult to go over the next surgery to put in the silcone implants. I will discuss size, and projection. I have heard about pocket work, although I don't know it is. I want to make sure that the top area of the implant does not have what looks like a shelf, where you can see the implant curve. I've been told to have him do some sculpting work in that area. I don't plan to tell him how to do his job, I just want to insure good end results.

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Expectations and breast reconstruction

Yes, the things you mentioned are the things to discuss with your surgeon. Much can be done to improve the cosmetic outcome at the second stage of reconstruction; however, it also must be kept in mind that the implants are not real breasts. They can look very good,  but still, they are not real breasts. Real breast cone and implants are in the shape of a dome. If you get a shelf at the top of the implant, sometimes fat grafting can improve this.

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Discussion questions for second stage.

Believe it or not, you have answered your own question! The discussion at the second stage is typically focuses around what the cosmetic result will look like. The translation of your goals into the surgical manuevers necessary is the job of your surgeon. Your surgeon will likely have a plan established to achieve those goals and will review what it means to change the capsule, properly size the implants, and how these will affect the final result. Also, an informed discussion on the issues regarding silicone gel versus saline implants is also covered.

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