How Will my Stretch Marks Look? Will Losing Weight Change my Incision Length or Determine my Lipo Areas? Determine Cost? (photo)

For a TT will my results be a flat stomach full of stretch marks all over my navel and bb since I know the only ones that can be removed are under BB. Also I would need Lipo in a lot of areas but surgery is not for another 7 months and hoping to lose 20lbs+. I've gone to one consult the dr stated incision would be longer due to my folds when I sit. Asked if I lost the 20lbs if this would change but the dr. Said No but would prefer second opinion. Also will my fee be cheaper if I'm skinnier? Thx.

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Tummy Tuck Expectations

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Thank you for your question. You will still have some residual stretch marks above your incision for the stated reasons. Weight loss will help but not likely to shorten the incision or operative time which is the reason for the cost.  Best wishes on your recovery.

Weight Loss Will Definitely Improve Tummy Tuck Results

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Thank you for your question. I congratulate you on your plan for weight loss prior to having a tummy tuck.  There is no question that weight loss prior to a tummy tuck has a beneficial effect on your final results and significant weight loss may well result in a smaller scar.

I would not be concerned about stretch marks because the benefit of having a flatter tummy is so great that I do not believe the stretch marks are going to bother you more than they do now.

Another important reason to lose your weight first is that in my experience when you lose weight gradually the stretch marks tend not to increase.  However rapid removal of fat beneath the skin as in liposuction can actually make the stretch marks worse.

The other thing to bear in mind is that new Laser technology can effectively reduce the size and appearance of stretch marks.  Therefore following your tummy tuck if stretch marks are bothering you there are nonsurgical options to lessen their appearance.

The more weight you lose before surgery the easier your tummy tuck will be to perform and your recovery should be less. Ideally you want to have lost most of the fat from your abdomen and have loose sagging skin at your lower waistline.

Good luck.


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