Why is my Stomach Round and Protruding 3 Months After a Tummy Tuck?

I had a tummy tuck Dec. 2011. The 1st week after my surgery my stomach looked flatter than it does now. My stomach is round and protruding and I dont understand why. I had to have my stomach drained in the drs office with a needle 3 times and that still has not helped. I want to know is this normal for my stomach to look like this since it has been 3 months?

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Why is my Stomach Round and Protruding 3 Months After a Tummy Tuck?

It is possible that you had a seroma (collection of serum or fluid beneath your "flap"), and this is what the surgeon would have been trying to remove with a needle 3 times.  They sometimes re-accumulate and require repeated aspirations with a needle or even a return to the operating room for placement of a drain.  If not treated, over time you can form a lining to that fluid cavity that is thickened as well as containing some fluid, and this can cause protrusion of your tummy.  One way to diagnose this would be to have an ultrasound exam of your abdomen.  If you have a fair amount of fluid present or a thickened cavity lining, you may benefit from a surgery to remove that cavity. 

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Round stomach after a tummy tuck

If you have a persistent seroma or if some of the stitches popped, you may need another operation to alleviate the problems.

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