My Stomach Protrudes 6 Months After Lipo, Why Could this be?

I had stomach lipo and a partial abdomiplasty 6 months ago and my stomach protrudes alot more than before so i am bigger than before i have no shape round my hip and side area either why is this ? I had lipo all the way round and see no difference on my back or anywhere, i am type 1 diabetic and also had no bruising after the op. My blood sugar levels are controlled very well, ive also been told its not water retention. Ive been told its fat but why after having these prcedures am i bigger.

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Complications after tummy tuck and liposuction

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There are several reasons why you may have the appearance you are describing.

  • The muscle plication sutures may have ruptured
  • You may have a seroma (fluid collection).  Did they try to aspirate it?
  • You may have fibrosis (hardening) of the tissue which may take several months to resolve.
  • You may have gained weight since the procedure because of your inability to exercise for several weeks after the procedure.

You need to visit with your surgeon and review these different options and get an accurate and reliable diagnosis

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