My stomach is lumpy and uneven after lipo suction. How can I correct this and is it normal?

I had lipo suction about 6 months ago on my stomach and the fat was transferred to my butt. My stomach was flat and smooth before and now it's lumpy and uneven. How can I correct this and is this normal?

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Lumpy stomach after liposuction

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  • Liposuction can leave uneven results especially in the lower abdomen where skin is thin.
  • The unevenness is showing now that the swelling is gone.
  • An exam is needed to see what might be done - please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

My stomach is lumpy and uneven after lipo suction. How can I correct this and is it normal

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Thank you for your question.  Without photos difficult to answer.  In general after liposuction, i would wait 6-12 months for a final result. If there is unevenness,   A liposuction revision may be all that is needed.  Sometimes fat transfers may be needed to corrected deformities.  Discuss you concerns with your Plastic Sugeon.

Lumpy uneven liposuction. Can it be corrected?

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Hello and thank you for your question.

It is difficult to say what has caused your uneveness. Sometimes this can be difficult to correct. You may benefit from repeat suction or perhaps fat grafting to some of the "low" areas. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to get more specific answers to your questions which can best be addressed after a thorough history and examination is performed.
Best of luck to you!

My stomach is lumpy and uneven after lipo suction. How can I correct this and is it normal?

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There may be room for a great deal of improvement, but I would find a revision liposuction specialist.

Find a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures, has great reviews, and has great before and after pictures.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Contour deformity after liposuction

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Sorry to hear about this.  You could undergo a revisional liposuction but it would be impossible to reach any conclusions without an examination. I will add that, although lumpiness is a recognized risk of liposuction, it is more likely to occur in the hands of someone who is possibly less experienced and does not take enough time to finesse the procedure. 

Lumpy after liposuction

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Hi there,
Thanks for the question.  The short answer is that no, it's not normal, but it is common.  It's difficult to give you an accurate opinion without seeing you in person, but liposuction can result in contour deformities and while it can be fixed, it does require another procedure--usually a combination of liposuction and possible fat grafting.  Six months is an adequate amount of time to wait following the procedure to be critical of the results.  I would suggest going back to see your original surgeon and voice your concerns.  If you're not satisfied, then seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in body contouring procedures.  Good luck!

Elan B. Singer, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Lumpiness After Liposuction

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I am sorry to hear of this.  It can be a complication of liposuction, but without having more information about the procedure that was performed or seeing any photos, it is really hard to predict why this may have occurred.  Some will undergo a second procedure, and there are options as to which type of liposuction to have done that will even the lumps out.  Some try ultrasound or radiofrequency treatments.  You should see a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has a specialty in fat transfer/liposuction treatments.  Who also has experience in non-invasive fat and cellulite treatment options.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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