My Son Has a Narrow Philtrum Therefore Cannot Close His Mouth. How Can His Philtrum Be Broadened? (photo)

My son 14 yrs old had buck teeth & a deep bite dental issue, which has been resolved through orthodontic treatment. But due to his narrow philtrum which pushes out, he is unable to close his mouth normally. Needs to pull up his lower lip to close his mouth. Can a plastic surgery be done or what is the right direction to go. Pls advise. Not sure of what is required to do?

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Helping with Lip Shape


Lip shape can be adjusted from the inside or the outside.  In this case it sounds like your son has lip shape that is not correct.  We can adjust the skin inside or outside often to permit the lip to have the proper form he needs.

It's a pretty straightforward procedure and is usually done in the office.


Good luck!

Jeffrey Spiegel, MD

Chestnut Hill, MA

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