My Son is 14 and His Nose Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger and Turns Red. Any Insight?

His small nose is now a large Roman nose and unusually large for his face. It turns red all of the time as well. I am beginning to wonder if he broke it when he was younger as he ran into so many walls and perhaps it is calcium buildup? Wondering who to take him to for an evaluation? The dermo said she couldn't help with the redness as it is not necessarily Rosecea. Thanks for any help, poor kid is getting so self conscious! Will try to post a picture tomorrow.

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"Roman" Nose in 14 Year Old Boy

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The  appearance of your 14 year old son will change as he goes through puberty. Surgery will be necessary to reduce the size of his nose. I would get a second opinion regarding the cause of his red skin.

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