My 12 Year Old Son is Missing His 5th Molar Because the Space Was Closed After Extraction? (photo)

We want to get him braces now, what should we do? my son is 12 years . when he was 7 doctors remove his molar bce he got infection but they forgot to put space maintainer . now we want to braces. but doc said his 6th molar has covered the space of 5th. his 4th molar is fully grown. now i want to ask which tooth to remove. 4th which is fully grown or 5th which is undernaeth the skin.


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Which bicuspid to extract: erupted one or impacted one?

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Several factors need to be taken into account before an answer to your question can be given.  Are other extractions needed?  Is there an underlying bite problem like an overbite?  Does the middle of the lower front teeth line up with the middle of the upper front teeth?  Depending on these and other factors it might be possible to create space for the tooth that is stuck under the other teeth, meaning no extractions would be needed.  To obtain the best solution for your child I suggest that you visit an orthodontist.  Sometimes seemingly obvious orthodontic problems have solutions that are not so obvious when you take all of the related factors into account.

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