My son (10) had overcorrected otoplasy 3 mths ago. I have consultation with surgeon & need advice? (photo)

How do I approach this situation? His ears are bent too far back and do not have a natural appearance. Antihelix is very prominent and Helix can hardly be seen on frontal view. The overcorrection has been done to both ears.I found the Surgeon to be abrupt and offhand at times and now I realize that I wasn't properly informed prior to surgery. I therefore want to go in to this consultation fully prepared so that i will not be dismissed with an unsatisfactory response. If I don't do this for my son, no-one else will. Please help

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My son (10) had overcorrected otoplasy 3 mths ago.

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I agree that your son's ears appear to have been over corrected. It is unlikely that the new shape of his ears will improve after 3 months.

Having had surgery, their correction is now more difficult that the initial surgery. I would be concerned that your surgeon would be able to correct his ears if he wasn't able to do a successful otoplasty originally. I have had several patients that had the same situation. Both asked for a refund of the original fees. One patient received a partial refund and the other finally contacted an attorney.

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