My Smile is Not Forming the Way I Thought It Would by Now Having Braces, Will They Improve? (photo)

Had braces put on my top teeth the end of October and was told that I only need top for 6 months. Had 2 tightenings the first tightening was with the assistant,then went back 5 weeks later for the second tightening. My complaint for getting the braces, was that my 3s are husky,when I smile looks I only have 6 teeth because they blocked back molars. I feel my teeth havnt positioned them selves correctly and am very upset. Ortho told me my braces will be off in March.Smile isnt what I thought.

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When is my smile ready?

As an orthodontist, I love when patients honestly tell me what they think, what they want, and if they are not happy with the progress of treatment for any reason... Communication is very important and I also advice making a separate appointment to sit down and talk with your DR. If its busy in the clinic... sometimes its not the easiest time to talk.

San Diego Orthodontist
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Getting the Smile You Want

Getting the smile you want and deserve with braces is all about communication. The best advice I can give is make your concerns known with whoever you feel most comfortable with and get a time set up to sit down with your doctor and figure out how you can get back on track.

If widening out your smile and showing more of your back teeth is important to you, be open to solutions from your orthodontist. This might involve getting braces on your lower teeth and a bit longer treatment that you originally expected. This solution might bum you out, but your upper teeth need to fit with your lower teeth. Widening your smile can be hard to do if there aren't any braces on your bottom teeth to change the shape of that arch too, so be prepared for this option. Best of luck!

Scott Frey, DDS
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Your ortho isn't quite what you hoped for?

The most important thing to do is talk to your ortho. Call and talk to one of the girls there you trust, express your feelings and concerns. Ask for a consultation to review your chief reason for beginning treatment. The sooner the better. Waiting until your next regular scheduled appointment can make having the doctors undivided attention difficult to get your concerns addressed.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
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