My Smile is a Bit Crooked and Seems to Be Getting Worse, What Would Be the Best Way to Fix It? (photo)

I think the weak side of my smile looks a little strange so I would be hesitant to use Botox or something like that to weaken the stronger side.

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Best Way to Fix a Crooked Smile

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From the looks of your photo, your right side (weak side) appears so due to the dark "buccal corridor" on that side caused by your teeth being "indented" on that side, resulting in a dark shadow. Your lip and cheek on that side are compensating to "cover it up" by drooping a little more to hide the shadow. As soon as your smile is enhanced with Porcelain Veneers or perhaps Invisalign, you will regain your confidence and your lip and cheek muscles will automatically respond and allow you to smile evenly, without the use of botox on your strong left side. I am located in Manhattan, and would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation. Call 212-477-1647.

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