My Sister Had Lapband Surgery About 5 Years Ago and Has Pretty Much Been Vomiting at Almost Every Meal She Eats Since Then?

She refuses to go back to her doctor or do anything about this. She has not lost any weight, and says" think how big i would be if I didn't have it". I am very worried about her, I know that vomiting that much every day for five years cannot be good for her. She will not listen to my pleads for her to have it looked at. Any suggestions on what could be wrong with her lapband? and any scare tactics I could use to get her to go to the doctor.

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Vomiting after Lap Band

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I appreciate your question and your concern for your sister. Let me assure you that vomiting after a gastric band or for that matter, after any weight loss surgery is not normal. She may have a slipped band, malpostioned band, overfilled band or other problems with the band. You should not use any scare tactics, but rather speak to her in a low tone, none threateing manner. Recommend a follow up with her doctor or even a new doctor; her band may need to be adjusted, deflated or removed.

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