Can my Silikon 1000 Be Removed? (photo)

I have had .8 cc silikon 1000 in my lips (two treatments). Unfortunately I don't like them and want my old lips and face back. I am loosing sleep over how I look and I think they are too big. Is it at all possible to cut out and my lips back to the way they were?

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Removing silicone from the lips - Los Angeles

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I have removed silicone from the lips many times with excellent longterm results. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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You may have several options for reducing the size your lips after Silikon-1000 injections.

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I read your concern and reviewed your photo:

Your lips appear a bit large, and if this is not to your liking, you have several options:

Dilute triamcinolone acetonide (steroid) injections, in all likelihood, will cause your lip size to shrink. I believe steroid injections may be helpful by dissolving collagen. Nearly all of my patients with mild overcorrection will benefit from 1-3 dilute triamcinolone acetonide (TA) injections, spaced at monthly intervals.

If dilute TA injections do not help you, lip reduction surgery could be considered. My hunch is that only your upper lip would need treatment, but both could be surgically reduced (cheiloplasty). Your downtime would be around 2 weeks, if surgery is indicated.

Hope this is helpful for you.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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