Will my short piggy upturned bulbous nose change dramatically and also drop? (Photo)

It's been 9 days since my closed rhino op. Discussed with surgeon to straighten my septum and the hump make the tip smaller & nostrils & shorten my nose a little bit. My surgeon also suggested lifting the tip "slightly". There is no shape, no sign of a tip, I look like a pig with un natural round nostrils, bulbous tip, sideways mynose is sky high & tiny I just wanted a straight profile, bridge & a bit smaller looking at my original nose & what I wanted from the surgery is it just a waiting game

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Rhinoplasty for bulbous tip

Following rhinoplasty surgery you can expect to have continued swelling for weeks to months.  This will resolve with time.  Being just over one week out from your surgery, I would encourage you to be patient and expect improvement over the next several weeks.  You are likely to see gradual improvement with your tip definition, and it should settle at a lower position as the swelling resolves.

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