What Should I Do About my Seroma - Breast Surgery?

I am now 5 weeks post op.I had 300cc mentor implants over the muscle and an areola reduction. A week ago I used a lot of force to push down a door at work and it hurt my right breast. The ultrasound shows 1.5cm of fluid. I have been put on antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets. It is not painful just uncomfortable. The doctor does not seem to think there is an infection. The plastic surgeon is not close by so it makes it hard. What is the best way to treat this?

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Breast seroma

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A trauamtic seroma if small may resorb. Foolow your surgeon's instructions carefully. Good luck with your issue.

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1.5 cc of fluid is not concerning if you do not have other signs of infection

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If you do not have redness,swelling, fever or discharge , I would just wait and follow your surgeons recommendations.

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Traumatic Seroma 5 Weeks Post Breast Augmentation

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At 5 weeks post operative for a suprapectoral breast augmentation, there is a well formed capsule around your implant.  Therefore, the fluid is going to be a little harder to resorb because the capsule can keep the fluid from being sponged up by the surrounding tissue.  In the short run, I would apply direct pressure by putting some ABDs between and over your breasts, then put a bra on, wrap with 2x6" Ace wraps, and safety pin to the bra to give pressure.

Try to take it easy for a week and see what happens.  The obvious answer is you should seek a consultation either with your own plastic surgeon or a Board Certified plastic surgeon in your neighborhood.  If the fluid persists, in my practice I would put you on Accolate to decrease the chance of a capsular contracture, and, of course, do LFTs before putting you on the Accolate.  Also, if the fluid progresses in volume, an experience Board Certified plastic surgeon could very delicately and carefully place a seromacath in the implant pocket (obviously avoiding the implant), and with a blunt tip evacuate the seroma. 



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Sounds like your doctor is treating your adequately, continue his treatment plan and don’t miss a dose keep your appointment’s with them.


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