Since my Septorhinoplasty Op 18 Months Ago There is a Hard Lump Halfway Down. Is It an Easy Fix? (photo)

I have seen a GP specialising in ENT who has told me I need a revision operation and that my original operation was not performed properly. He says it needs shaving, my septum is still deviated and if left it will get worse. My concern is, I would rather not go through the whole procedure again. The skin feels tight and my nose is sometimes uncomfortable. What has caused it? Is it a simple procedure? Can it be performed under local anesthetic? Will it get worse or better over time if left?

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Bump on Nose after Septorhinoplasty

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   The bump, whether bony or cartilaginous can be easily reduced in about 10 minutes in a revision procedure.  The septal concerns are harder to determine from the pictures, and this would merit an internal exam for more precision. 

Hard lump on nose

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If the lump is bone it can probaly be shaved down with a rasp and should  not be as involved as your previous procedure.

Since my Septorhinoplasty Op 18 Months Ago There is a Hard Lump Halfway Down.

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If the lump feels hard and bony a simple rasping procedure can bring the nose to shape. You don't need full flagged septo rhinoplasty if there are breathing problems. This is the opinion based on pictures. Your opinion with your plastic surgeon is the best way to go about it.

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