Is my Septorhinoplasty Good? (photo)

I Had septorhinoplasty exactly a week ago. Today I had my mask(tape) and stitches removed. It is still very swollen and to be honest Im having a bit of a freak out. I can not decide whether or not I like it. The thing is I would be delighted if it was half its size. so my question for you is how much do you think it will reduce from this point onward? or is this my final result? as you can see here its quite big. here are pics from all angles. please help me! :)

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One week post septorhinoplasty

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At one week after a septorhinoplasty, you are going to be maximally swollen.  You'll have to give it many months to improve.

Looks fine

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Looks good - way too early to tell. I always hate the first week exam because it never looks as good as it did on the table. It improves over time. Follow your post-op instructions and hang in there!

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