My Septal Cartilage Seems to Be Shifted Towards the Right Side Post- Op? (photo)

I just want to understand what is wrong with my nose. I had a small hump reduction done with osteotomies, and my nose appears more crooked than it was before now. I also had my droopy tip lifted a bit. What I noticed is that my septal cartilage is more prominent on the right side in my nostril. There isn't much free space in that side of my nose either because of it. Is this causing the crooked look? Was it surgeon's fault? Please please please help me with this problem!

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Septal cartilage more crooked after surgery

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Sometimes with dorsal rasping and take down, a more obvious septal and body deflection are appreciated due to the inherent curvature that was present below the original dorsum. In addition, post-op changes are sometimes hard to predict.  Best to discuss with your surgeon.

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Crooked Nose after Rhinoplasty

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The forces of healing and contracture after any surgery can be difficult to predict 100%. Rhinoplasty is among the more complex procedures, as you are repositioning bone and cartilage. Schedule a follow up with your surgeon to determine what is going on and if a touch up is indicated.

Roy A. David, MD
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My Septal Cartilage Seems to Be Shifted Towards the Right Side Post- Op?

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Dear Germangirl,

Thank you for your question and photos.  It is a little difficult to see what is going on without full face frontal and profile before and after photos.  I believe you are early in your recovery.  There may be some swelling involved, there may be a deviation to the septum involved, there could be some warping of the tip cartilage, or there could just be some swelling to the right nasal tip that isn't as prominent on the left.  The columella on the center photo at least, looks like it still may be midline.  We should wait till all the swelling is gone to make any critical decisions.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD 

Pablo Prichard, MD
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