Are my scars and incisions normal? After short scar facelift? (photo)

I am a young male who just had a facelift, as i had had several Voluma injections on the cheekbones untill i realized they were not doing the lift i wanted. As i didnt want to displace the sideburn my doctor told me that the best place for the incisions was around the sideburns. Also determined by the vector needed. Was this actually a good idea and a good job?I am pretty scared that my scars will be very noticeable. Even though he said he left hair folicules in order to conceal the scar.

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Early scars

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You appear to be quite early after your facelift procedure.  In my experience of using similar incision, these scars will fade over time, but it will likely take up to 6 months or longer.  Just try to be patient with the healing.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Face lift scars

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The photograph suggests that you have just had the face lift and sutures are still in place. The incision and placement shown in the photo look fine. It takes at least 6 weeks for these scars to begin to fade.

Facelift Incisions?

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The incisions shown only include the sideburn and temporal hairline, suggestive of some form of abbreviated cheek or minilift.  Without an examination, the only information that I can provide is that these incisions should heal well as long as they were closed without excessive tension and as long as you keep them out of the sun during the healing process. Was this a good idea? It depends on the indications to be begin with and not something that can be commented on via this website.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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