Will my Scar Ever Go? (photo)

I was around 10 and the iron had just been plugged out and put on the window I had not relised it was still hot I looked out the window and the top part of the iron had touched the left side of my cheek and had caused a scar. I'm 15 now and it is still there but not as dark as it used to be I sometimes try makeup to cover it up but you can still see it I just don't want it to show I sometimes feel like people are staring at me will it be there until I'm a fully grown adult or will it never go

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Melarase for dark scars on the face from a burn

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The textural changes on your scar are not completely seen on the photos.  However, I would recommend a 6 month course of topical skin lighteners such as Melarase AM and Melarase PM to lighten and even out the skin color of the scar. 

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