My Scar From TT, Lipo, and BA is Bubbly; Is This Normal? (photo)

I had surgery march 9th of this year, for a tt,lipo and BA. Today puts me on PO day 25... my scar goes almost to my question is my scar aroung my front looks great..but on my sides my scar looks as if my skin is bubbly but not a blister..its like extra skin stitched all together..also my scar on my sides goes up really really high..I was told my scar would b hidden by my underwear which is soooooo not the case..just need some opinions if this is normal n what u think the end outcome is

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How to manage my surgical scar? (photo)

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Two issues:  Scar appearance, and scar placement.  Appearance too early to evaluate.  Ongoing measures I incorporate to minimize final scar include taping, silicone sheet application, steroid injection for thickened hypertrophy, and others.

Placement of scar can only be changed by additional surgery.  As scar becomes more obscure with passage of time, visibility may diminish sufficiently that even this high placement becomes a non-issue.

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My Scar From TT, Lipo, and BA is Bubbly; Is This Normal?

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Your so kindly posted photos demonstrate very early maturation of the incisions. Allow more healing time, have IPL therapies, massage therapies as all these will help. 

Scar appearance after tummy tuck

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I think a couple of things are going on in your case.  Your photos seem to show a ripply or pleated appearance of the scar along the sides.  Also the scar looks somewhat thickened or raised all around.  As you suggested, most likely there was some extra skin along the sides that had to be gathered slightly to prevent puckering ("dog ears") at the ends of the scar.  This is a normal technique for a plastic surgeon to use.  Also, at 25 days post-op, it is completely normal for scars to be thickened and raised at this point.  In fact, they will probably get a bit thicker and more raised over the next 3 or 4 weeks.  Then things should start to gradually improve with the scar softening and flattening and the ripply appearance smoothing out.  This will take several months.  If you want to try to speed up the process a LITTLE BIT, you can try Vitamin E oil, scar massage, or one of the silicone gel scar-fading products.

So, to summarize, your incisions look normal for this point post-op for this particular procedure.  Hang in there, and things will start to get better soon.

Scar irregularity

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If you have some "bubbling" or irregularity along your scar, this can be treated with scar massage therapy.   Please talk to your PS surgeon about when he/she recommends to start this.  I generally recommend massaging the scar/incision starting at postop week 4-6.

Best of luck

Scar after surgery

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It looks like your scar still needs time to mature. This can take about a year or two, depending on how your recovery goes. Wait until then before considering scar revision surgery, which you may need if you want to move the scar to a lower position and reduce the bumpiness of your side scars. In the meantime, you can try silicone cream.

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