My Saline Implants Are 3 Years Old and I Noticed About 9 Months Ago That my Right Nipple Changed Shape from Circle to Oblong?


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Saline implants and areola shape

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I think you meant areola shape.  The shape can change a bit with implants and the majority of people do not have perfectly round areola to begin with.

Nipple shape change 3 years after breast implants

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I recommend following up with the surgeon who performed your breast augmentation. Your surgeon should have a record of before and after photos to compare with the current appearance of your breasts. You should be able to get a better explanation as to the cause for your physical change with a face to face consultation/appointment.

Best wishes!

What is the question ?

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Not sure what you are trying to ask?Also no  pictures are added to the post! please comment more about your interest.

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