How Will I Know if my Saline Implant is Slowly Leaking?

I am 38 y.o an I had saline implants placed 3 months ago under the muscle. I went from a C cup to a DD cup. I was very happy with my results up until the last few days when I noticed my right breast is hanging lower than the left and it is obvious! I called my Doctor and made an appointment but I have to wait a week.This is going to be a long week. Wondering if it possible that I have a slow leak? I don't like the look of the right side if this is "settled". HELP

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Saline Implant Leaking?

Thank you for your question. At 3 months, there is not much chance of a dramatic change in size over a few days unless injury or a leak. The valve may have started leaking and this will be know soon enough as they will finish leaking in a week most of the time. The good news is that the exchange is an easy procedure, and should be uneventful. However, be absolutely certain it is the implant that is leaking and not something else. I hope this helps.

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Determining if you have a slow leak

Use molded cup brassieres and if your breast is shrinking within the cup, you have a leak.  Larger leaks are obvious and I would assume you would appreciate that.  Molded cups don't stretch and they are very good at helping my patients 'see' if they have a leak.

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How Will I Know if my Saline Implant is Slowly Leaking?

A leaking implant can go flat immediately or slowly over several months (valve leak). You should not have to wait one week as the longer you wait the harder the implant replacement due to shrinking of the capsule. See if they can get you in sooner.

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Slow Leak of Saline Implant

Obviously, an exam from you PS will be invaluable.  Pictures would also be helpful.  If it is a slow leak then the implant can be replaced.  If this represents "settling" instead then your PS can give your options based on your exam.

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Leaking saline implants.

Hello and thank you for your question.

While it is imprudent to give medical advice over the internet, to answer your question, anything is possible, so yes, you may have a slow leak. But you need to see your surgeon to have this question answered. One can not say anything definitively without examining you.

Your surgeon may also send you for an ultrasound examination to see if in fact you do have a leak.

Best of luck to you.

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